2011 Contest Winners

Meet our first contest winners from 2011…

Andrew White, Jenna Quill, Junzi Shi

In the fall of 2011 the first Take a Trip with Timmy contest was introduced and in March of 2012 our first winners were announced.

Throughout the contest we had hundreds of entries and narrowed the field to ten finalists. They were asked to submit videos telling us a true story about themselves or a previous experience which illustrated why they chose to pursue a career as a medical professional. Three winners were selected. Each will take a trip with Timmy Global Health and share his or her experiences through blog postings and tweets. They have been given iPads and cameras to record every detail of their trips.

We are incredibly proud of our initial winners and look forward to following these extraordinary individuals on their global health journeys.

Andrew White, Medical Student

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Drew White

“I’m glad to be part of a such a great community with Timmy Global Health and have people there supporting me, but really making bigger support for a bigger cause.”

Andrew’ winning video | Andrew’s essay

Jenna Quill, Allied Health

Indiana University School of Nursing

Jenna-Quill“This is a great opportunity. I’ve been wanting to do this forever and I’m thrilled to be on my way.”

Jenna’s winning video | Jenna’s essay


Junzi Shi, Medical Student

University of Cincinnati

junzi-Shi“Thank you for Timmy Global Health’s work because I know that it can be tough and it’s always great to work with creative motivated people to get this work done.”

Junzi’s winning video | Junzi’s essay