2014 Contest Winners

Meet Our Team Contest Winners from 2014.

“Med Mujeres,” Farah Dadabhoy, Shama Milon, Kate Blatt, and Sara McCrate

“Med Mujeres” was comprised of a group of medical students from the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine who had a special interest in empowering women around the globe. They were so excited to win our 2014 contest.

The group traveled to Ecuador in 2015 with Timmy Global Health and documented their experience in blogs. Below is a passage from a blog written by Farah,

“We landed in Ecuador Friday night – amidst fog and rain – ecstatic to escape Cincinnati’s ruthless winter.

Saturday morning dawned to the colorful sounds of Quito’s farmer’s market,

our jet lag thrust away by delicious Ecuadorian coffee, and glorious views of Quito.

The city, with its peach, yellow, baby blue homes and opulent green slopes of Pichincha, awaited us.” Read more about the Med Mujeres’ journey.

Learn more about the Med Mujeres team, watch their winning video entry, and read their essay.