2012 Contest Winners

Meet our two contest winners from 2012…

Amanda Quach, Kirsten Devin

After the success of our initial effort, a second contest was launched in the fall of 2012. Again, the field of candidates and their pronounced passion for Global Health was outstanding.

From the field of entries, two very special individuals were chose as our winners.

Amanda Quach, Medical Student

Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences

“When I first heard about this study as a little girl, I suddenly wanted to spread my touch, my love, and my ability to heal to everyone around me. As I grew older and discovered my love for biology, my burning desire to become a doctor grew stronger.”

Kirsten Devin, Medical Student

University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City Campus

“I have identified myself as a truly uncommon medical student. Rather than coming from a conventional Pre-Med program, I studied Spanish and Portuguese to travel. Rather than attending medical school afterwards, I completed a year of service through AmeriCorps in a clinic for the uninsured.”