The goal of this blog is to share. By luck, I’ve been given the extremely amazing opportunity to spend a good part of my summer experiencing, observing, and growing alongside an incomparable international development organization, Timmy Global Health. Additionally, with the support of AMA Insurance and Shout out Studios, odds are: I’ll be safe, my travels will go smoothly, and these embarrassingly informal thoughts may even reach a person or two back home. For their sake, and in an attempt to some-how encompass the indescribable journey I will soon take, I hope only to let the experiences do the talking; I hope, and plan, only on letting this platform serve unbiasedly, honestly, and openly, to share the thoughts, experiences, and changes I’ll encounter while in Ecuador.

I welcome any and all comments, correspondence, and questions for the sake of clarification or interest. If more comfortable, I can personally be reached at [drew (at)], and will respond as promptly as possible.

To anyone daring enough to try and decipher the poor grammar and drivel that will soon ungracefully grace this blog- keep in mind that my own is set switching back and forth between English and Spanish, dealing with culture shock, and most-likely sleep deprived from rooster crows and swatting mosquitoes. Other than that, I can solely say that it is with sincere gratitude and humility that I find myself in a position to share my journey with you.