Although born and raised in Cape May, New Jersey, Jeff considers himself a good ole southern boy at heart, spending most of his life in Williamsburg, Virginia. He passed the majority of his adolescent years in an ominous battle, with nothing but a golf club in hand, preparing for an undoubtable failure as a professional golfer. After years of defeat, he realized it would prove more valuable to battle fires, leading him to the local fire station. Through this experience, Jeff fortuitously discovered his passion for medicine and the privilege that the title of physician carries. While living in Guatemala, he witnessed the pure, inhumane disparities that are all too prevalent around the world. Motivated by his passion and experiences, he is now preparing to fight a different battle, one in which defeat will not be an option. In his free-time, Jeff enjoys reading, hiking and jamming with his buddies in their rock band, Bacchus Rawkus.