Seva Khambadkone is a first-year medical student in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Originally from Centerville, Ohio, she studied neuroscience, public health, and international economic development at Ohio State University, where she first began exploring her interest in global health through public health service the US and Nicaragua. These early experiences introduced Seva to a collaboration-centered approach to health, whereby institutions and governments partner with communities to address health-related challenges. She developed this approach further through a year spent conducting community-based health and empowerment work with women and youth in rural Nicaragua. As a physician, Seva plans to combine this perspective with her interest in neuroscience to collaboratively address environmental challenges to child development in marginalized communities. She is inspired by mothers she has had the opportunity to work alongside in Ohio, Nicaragua, and, now, Baltimore, whose dedication to give their children better lives is, she believes, one of the greatest assets to sustainable health and development.