Our team

  • Gillian BachTeam Captain

    I’m originally from Atlanta, GA, where I attended The Westminster Schools before heading to Stanford University. At Stanford, the only thing I was sure I wanted to do was sing, so I quickly joined Stanford’s Mixed Company, an a cappella group, and started studying engineering. Then Stanford’s Pacific Free Clinic (PFC), which provides care to the urban underserved of San Jose, transformed my life. In working with and through PFC’s patients—initially as a health educator and then as a preclinical volunteer—I had found my passion: medicine. So, I changed my major, graduating from Stanford with a BS in Biology conferred with departmental honors. And I continued to stay involved with PFC, ultimately serving as one of four student managers. I was then fortunate enough to be accepted to Jefferson Medical College, where I am currently in my second year, and still singing with the Jefferson Arrhythmias. 

  • Nithin PaulTeam Member

    Born in the southern-most state of India and with my father being in the Air Force, I spent the first decade of my life crisscrossing this giant, diverse country, being exposed to a rich variety of cultures. However, a chance job offer sent my family on our biggest move yet across the world to America. I was only eleven then and life has been nothing short of living a dream since. I was very fortunate to receive an enriching education at the University of Delaware where I was able to study Biology, Political Science and Liberal Arts on campus as well as abroad in Brazil and Ghana. Post-graduation, I spent a year working on a campaign to bring solar energy to un-electrified villages in India. Realizing my passion for global health, I came back to medical school eager to learn a valuable skill-set that will help me follow my dreams. 


  • Sepehr Sedigh HaghighatTeam Member

    I was born and raised in Iran, and moved to the US when I was 16, arriving 2 days before my junior year of high school started (without knowing much English!). It was an eye opening experience. Once I became acclimated to my new home, I was better able to begin exploring my own interests: I attended the University of Delaware and graduated with a BA in Biology with departmental honors. Next, I took a year off to backpack around Europe alone; I love traveling! I have had the opportunity to visit over 20 countries, and still crave exploring even more. Upon my return, I started my first year of medical school at Jefferson Medical College, where I have continued to pursue my passion for travel: I volunteered at Hospital Metropolitano in Nicaragua over the summer. Since then, I have cultivated the chef, the photographer and the musician in me.

  • Sina VahediTeam Member

    I grew up in rural central India and New Delhi. After finishing high school there, I left home and volunteered at the Baha’i World Center in Israel for two years. Then I went to Lake Forest College for my bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry where I graduated with honors and distinction in my senior thesis. After college I spent a few years as a chemist synthesizing organic electronic materials in Chicago before moving to Baltimore where I worked as a medical interpreter and helped set up children and junior–youth classes in my neighborhood. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, photography, reading, exploration, and racquet sports.