Quito has approximately 7 large hospitals…

(not including sizeable clinics) including 3 public and 4 private. Most of my experience was at the Tierra Nueva private hospital, started as a charitable institution to care for indigent populations in the South of Quito.

The hospital hosts 148 hospital beds, 14 observation beds in the ER with 3 triage beds, 5 maternity beds, 1 operating room, and 38 specialties. The hospital sees approximately 600 patients a day and each doctor sees about 22 patients per shift (there are morning and afternoon shifts).

My rotations included:

  • family medicine
  • pediatric triage
  • emergency room
  • emergency triage
  • endoscopy
  • cardiology
  • maternity
  • neonatology
  • community visits
  • internal medicine
  • surgery

I am very grateful to the doctors, nurses, staff, and patients who welcomed me into their lives, and most of all to Vicky for making the introductions and setting everything up!