• “Healthcare is a fundamental human right, and through Timmy, I get to help provide that basic right to communities in need. As Timmy volunteers, we offer a human and healing touch, hope, and an important connection within the communities we serve.”

    -Shawn Hake, Physician Assistant & Timmy Volunteer

Timmy Global Health


Timmy Global Health was founded in 1997 by Dr. Charles Dietzen (Dr. Chuck), an Indianapolis-based pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. After working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta in 1996, Dr. Chuck was inspired to broaden his commitment to serving children in an international setting and empower others to do the same. The organization was named for ‘Timmy,’ Dr. Chuck’s brother who passed away during infancy. The name is a tribute to both his family and children everywhere who all deserve the right to healthy futures.

Strategic Anchors

  1. Community Centered; We believe that responsible community development is responsive to the stated wants and desires of the communities we serve, with respect to local customs, cultures and laws.
  2. Impact Driven; We believe that through strong efforts in monitoring and evaluation, we can improve the health outcomes of our patients and communities.
  3. Local Empowerment; We believe that our work must build the capacity of our local partners and systems.
  4. Global Engagement; We believe that engaging a community of global leaders in our efforts to eliminate health disparities leads to a more connected, vibrant and healthier world.

Core Values:

  • We understand our role and place in the process of international development and approach our work with humility.
  • We respect the expertise of our local resources and value the differences, feelings, and traditions of all of our partners.
  • We are bold, yet adaptable in our approach to sustainably serve our communities.

What we do:

Timmy Global Health strives for communities to hold and utilize the knowledge, tools, and resources to independently prevent illness, seek care when needed, and promote their health as a positive resource for their lives. Through our continuity of care model, Timmy works within the same communities for extended periods of time, in partnership with local organizations, to monitor, assess the ongoing needs of our communities and patients. We activate the resources of our global health community – volunteers, donors and partners – to provide mobile clinics, advocacy, public health, and community-led health literacy education focused on prevention, promotion, and health system navigation.

Learn More

To learn more about Timmy Global Health, please visit timmyglobalhealth.org.

Are you a licensed medical professional interested in getting involved? visit https://timmyglobalhealth.org/medical-professional

To donate to the Hank Benjamin Memorial Scholarship which provides funding for students to travel with Timmy, visit https://timmyglobalhealth.org/student-volunteers/hank-benjamin-memorial-scholarship/